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The word ‘photography’ literally means ‘writing with light’. But what happens when the light is inadequate? The possibility of recording images at night while there is little light held a particular fascination for me and started me on my quest of night photography. Capturing the details of the dark environment in the presence of a single bright light is especially difficult to photograph with a camera. The intensity of the light from the full moon is the golden thread that weaves these photographs together.
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Hugging the Moon - 465_6544 space Colorado Dawn - 389_8913   Moon Rise - 3502-20091005   Yokum Pond Full Moon- 6568-20071224
Manor Park Eclipsed - 8545-20080220 space Church Full Moon - 5703-20071123   Patterson Park - 458_5829   Woods Hole Moon - 01
Cemetery - Full Moon - 5674-20071123 space Winter Moon - 6798-20070303   Eclipse of Moon - 2787-20070828

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